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January 31, 2010


Mercy, those girls are so goofy. My face hurts from laughing so hard. Hey, Jessie and Ashleigh: is that an audio effect on your voices or were you just talking like that? Hysterical!

Have a Blessed Sunday.

Very funny! What crazy girls you've had at your house. I'm sure you have had lots of fun! Jessie and Ashleigh...thanks!

Ohmygosh!!! I was laughing SO HARD!!! Those girls need to take this show on the road!!! I can only imagine how many laughs you all had for 10 days. So much fun!

That was hilarious! I need a good laugh today, Thank You Ashleigh and Jessica, and Dawn for sharing.

Thank you, I am crying now!!!!

That was great girls!!! Oh to be young again!!!!

TOO FUNNY !! GREAT comedy about 2 ALIEN friends--loved the new language,and images!! LOL! LOL!!! LOL!!!!!! GREAT times GREAT friends thats what it's all about! HAPPY SUNDAY !!

You have had your hands full this past week, I can tell. I love the fact that the girls are so confident to be able to create this video...way to go to the Moms for raising two beautiful and funny girls - can't wait for another video to be released.

The two girls are so fricken' funny.
Such great kids! Reminds me how fun it is being a teenager.

Crazy or what? loved it last time even better this time! you mush have had a great 10 days eh! it certainly is so so funny and thanks for sharing....

Peg from the UK
Looking forward to the next one girls?

OMGosh....too darn funny. My cheeks are hurting from laughing....Thanks Jessie & Ashleigh for another great, hilarious, performance. I look forward to the next one!!!!

Thanks Dawn for sharing this with all of us. OMG we all need a good laugh, and more kids should be this happy and confident.

As always, I just love your site.

Oh to be young again. It was so refreshing to see two teens joke around. They were both a hoot!


Oh, this needs to be shared far and wide! It is hysterical! As soon as it started, my dogs started barking and freaking out cuz they thought we were under attack!

How did they keep a straight face while doing this?! I bet you're going to be missing these kind of times with Ashleigh . . . they're are too funny!

I have to add my .02 cents too! That was HYSTERICAL!!!! Oh my gosh, it reminded me of my friend Janice and I. We did the same types of things with our voices and to this day it just makes me giggle!! I've got to share this with her. Thank you for the great laughs girls! You are awesome!!! Hugs, Dorothy

Way too funny! My dog even got up to the laptop to see what what going on when he heard them talking! Thanks for a wonderful laugh!

Very Funny Girls....but they look good...

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