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October 17, 2012


I get the SAME "MOM" call from our SON!!!!!!! :) NOBODY here likes spiders! :) AND HERE, the spiders are BIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/ LOVE those GOOGLY EYES on these spiders! Makes them CUTE!!!! :)

My husband reminds me that I'm bigger than the spider. Between spiders and mice...EEK!!

Cute card Dawn. Thanks for sharing and I know I don't say it often enough but you totally rock. Love your blog and read it EVERY day!

Thought I left you a comment on this... These are SUPER CUTE spiders! Our kids scream, "MOM!" too! Around here though, they're USUALLY, PRETTY BIG!!!!!!! :/ So, I USUALLY call for my "HONEY!!!!!" :) The GOOGLY EYES make them CUTE!!!!!!!!! :)

I know that scream, LOL! I have a designated bug jar that I keep upside down (so it does not get used for anything else) in the cupboard. When I hear the MOM scream, I grab the jar, find the offending spider, and simply position the jar over it. Then I wiggle the jar a bit to make the creepy crawlie fall into the jar. I clap the lid on, take it outside, and release it into the garden. The down side is that it is a small jelly jar so is not very effective for the big million-leggers that crop up in our basement at this time of year. Those I pretend I don't see. Bleh.

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