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November 25, 2012


Please share the recipe they look divine--I would love to make them for my family...

Curious to see the responses on the sleep number bed I've been thinking about getting one also. My son was talking to the salesman he said the classic was just as good as the rest of them it's just the pillow difference between all the different styles. So I was thinking about just getting the regular one. He also said if you knew someone handy you could make the base and save yourself $600 he said there were instructions all over the internet on people that have done it that it was just 4 2 x 4's and a piece of plywood...

Dawn, I have a sleep number bed and both my husband and I HATE it! We have an extended queen. They are not worth the price you pay. When you find your number it puts a groove in the middle of your side and then you always have to find that very spot again all night. If you never move in the night you might be ok, but if you toss and turn like my husband it is hard to find that very spot again. Anyway, that is my two cents worth. Elaine

My husband and I tried a sleep number and neither of us liked it. It didn't help our back pain. Or my knee pain from RA---you know how that goes.

I do love my sleep number bed, I'm a 60 and hubby is 45. I'm not sure what the model is called, but it was the middle of the line as far as price. I will tell you that I didn't love it right away. It was like, "uh it is ok" for the first couple of weeks. After I got used to it and fiddled with the settings a bit, I do love it and miss it when I'm away from home. You should get one especially if you and your husband prefer different firmness in a matress.

Hi Dawn, My Husband and I have a sleep number bed and have had it for 5 years and love it. Its a big investment (King size) but well worth it. Happy Sunday

I love my sleep number bed and I do believe it has helped my back pain. We bought the king split so we can maneuver the head up and down individually. My husband sleeps with his head somewhat elevated because he has acid reflux. I use number 40 and he has number 40-50 depending on his back, he varies it depending on how he feels. It is wonderful! Did you buy one yet?

Dawn, we have sleep number bed...for about 10 years....we have always really liked it and still do. I know they have made improvements but we are still good for a nights sleep.

Hi Dawn, we've had one for 16 years and love it. With hubby having had several back operations and my severe arthritis, it is the best. We have dual controls as I like firmer than hubby. My side is set at 40 hubby varies his. Love, love, love it.

have had a sleep number bed for about 4 years. the only thing we didn't like is that it's HOT. had to buy a mattress cover for it because my hubby sweated his way through the nights otherwise. i like a really firm mattress, so mine's set around 60. my husband had back issues, so his is set at about 35, i think, and he doesn't complain about a sore back any longer. also, i like that i don't feel him move every time he turns over in the night. and when i get out of bed at o-dark-thirty to get ready for work, he doesn't feel me leave the bed either. that's my 2 cents' worth.

I LOVE my sleep number bed!! I used to always wake up with a backache, but I never do now. My father bought one also and did not like it, until he came for a visit and slept in mine with the setting at 35. He had his on 80, thinking that the firmer it is, the better. Not true. Now his is at 35 and he loves his, too. I bought a higher end one and yes, it's pricey, but I still love it and glad I made that investment.

Dawn - we've had our sleep bed for 8+ years and love it! Every night when we crawl into bed, I thank God for it! I would purchase another one. My sister tried the bed with the temperpedic type topping and hated it. They traded back to traditional one with slight pillow top and love it! If you recommend one of us, then that person would receive a $100 refereal gift....

We had a Sleep Number bed, hated it from day one. Have them open it up and show you the inside, two air mattress surrounded by thin foam. It's been about 10 years, so maybe they have improved them, but ours was horrible. No end of problems. We now have Tempur-pedic, love it. The best mattress ever!

we tried this bed but I kept falling into the crack in the middle when the dog would hog the bed and we didnt think it felt great. we went for the real tempurpedic-it took about 1-2 weeks to get used to it but it's wonderful n hubbys back pain went away.the only problem is when we go away we have to find hotels with the same bed or we cant sleep.have had ours 9 yrs and its still as good as ever-we tried the pillows that were formed and didnt like them but then again we dont sleep on our backs.whatever you buy make sure you can try it for 30 days n return it if need to.

Hi,Dawn, we've had our king size sleep number bed for over 15 years and really like it. The only time I notice back or neck pain is if my sleep number has been changed from my normal 80. I really like ours and will buy another one.


I love my Sleep Number bed and have had it for about 8 years. It has helped my back pain go away. I also bought one for my husband about 2 years ago as he was having severe back pain and now he has very little pain at all. (He refused to get a SN Bed when I got mine, but he loves it now.)

My husband & I have a sleep number bed and we both love it! My number is 40 and his is 30 and I dont think we would ever go back to a regular mattress. I also bought a "My Pillow" & I cant say enough how much I love it-you just have to make sure you get the right size.

Dawn, I've had my sleep number for about a year now and I do really like it. As someone else said it does take a while to find your "number". I have the kind that elevates the head and/or foot of the bed and the bed itself is one of the high end ones. I believe you get what you pay for (most of the time anyway). If you haven't already test them out at a store and see what you think. Denise M

We have a sleep number bed and love it! My husband is a large man and was having lots of back pain. He did a lot of research on back pain and beds before we decided on the bed. He not longer suffers with the pain.
We were very used to sleeping on a hard bed so were advised it would be easiest to get used to the sleep number by setting it the way our old bed felt and then gradually bringing down the number. Now I feel like I sleep in a soft comfy bed but with lots of support. We even made sure our RV had one.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your Christmas Trees Dawn!!!!!!! :) AND your Sweet Potatoes look YUMMY!!!!!!!! I too like to MASH mine! As for the Sleep Number Bed, don't have one! HOPE you find what you want! :) AND your mom looks like she had a BLAST!!!!!! :)What a FUN TIME to have your family together!!!!!!!!! :)

Dawn, so glad you had a good holiday. Just wanted to thank you for all you share throughout the year. I am a faithful follower and it was fun to see your mom on the bike. Have a good week.

We wish we had a Sleep Number bed, but we settled on an old-fashioned coil spring mattress a few years ago and can't wait for it to wear out. It is designed not to be flipped over, just turned around occasionally, and even then the ruts are getting deeper and deeper. ... I would never buy a pillow top attached to a mattress as it will compress over time and you can't re-fluff it, but you can always buy a separate pillow top if you want one. We also think the pillow top would be hot. Good luck with your decision and please keep us posted!

Dawn, I have the split king bed with all the bells and whistles. You can either keep them separate or hook them together to form one bed. If You want to use king sheets then don't get the ones that raise up on both ends. Otherwise You can use separate x-long single sheets. It took time getting use to sleeping on such a small matress. The most important thing is that You sleep smack dab in the middle no matter which setting You use. I first started out at 30 which is very soft and felt like I was being hugged all night. Sometimes I go as high as 45 which is firm for me yet it still forms to Me. My Husband loves using the vibrator(no quarters required) and likes the fact that he can raise both the head and foot of the bed at the same time. We both have bad backs so the Sleep Number is great for Us. Just remember if You like to sleep on Your side You need it firmer, if You can sleep on Your back softer is better. Sometimes I sleep a little reclined which is very comfortable. It is a hugh investment but well worth the money.

My son-in-law and daughter had a sleep number bed and didn't like it. He thought it made his back worse. Now they have a regular bed and no complaints. Good Luck.

I don't have a sleep number but my friend does. She went through 4 or 5 different mattress (!) in a year before buying the sleep number. She and her husband love it. I don't know what numbers they use.

I has had one for several years and I don't like it. Not worth the money. My dad also got one and hates it as well. Company hard to deal with. Had 2 remotes go bad .. Had to replace at my expense. With r dual chambers you have to lay in the middle of it or you e
Will fall in the hole. If you like to cuddle in the middle, doesn't work. Do a search on Select Comfort on Internet, lots of bad review. My mom brought a pillow $100 didn't like will only give store credit

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